All You Need to Know
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If you are moving abroad, you might have seen the term “relocation package” used. But what does this actually mean? We break down everything you need to know, and explain how choosing a relocation services package will help you make a smooth move abroad.

Relocation packages are the easiest and simplest way to relocate internationally. When you choose a package from one company, all the difficult and time-consuming research is taken care of for you. You have end-to-end support throughout your move abroad, whether you need visa advisory services, help finding a home, or even settling-in advice. This means you can make decisions quickly and easily and focus on building your new life.

Relocation Packages Make Moving Abroad Easier

Moving abroad is an exciting adventure—but there are many obstacles to overcome to successfully and safely start your new life. Immigration laws change quickly, your belongings can get stuck in customs or break on their journey to your new home, and finding a new home abroad can take months. This is before you consider delays that are beyond your control, such as COVID-19 travel restrictions.


You do not have to cope with the stress of an international relocation alone. Expats often find the easiest way to relocate smoothly and safely is by using expert guidance and services, tailored to the country you are moving to. These services are end-to-end, from initial guidance of how to organize your relocation, to advice about the steps you need to take to settle in.

What Does a Relocation Package Usually Include?

A relocation package usually includes a combination of the following services:


  • Visa and work permit advisory
  • Home-finding services
  • International moving and storage
  • Advice about settling in processes

You are unique, so you may also need specific services that cater for your situation. For instance, an expat moving with family or pets will need school search or pet relocation services. Your provider can accommodate these requests.


A relocation consulting call can provide more information about the services available to you, and help you decide what you want to include in your relocation package.

Examples of Relocation Packages


Tom is moving from the US to France for work. He is single with has no kids and wants to bring his furniture with him.

Key relocation services Tom needs:

  • Visa and work permit advisory
  • International moving and storage
  • Home-finding services
  • Settling-in advice


Maria got promoted and is moving from Spain to Australia with her family. Her company will organize their visas.

Key relocation services Maria needs:

  • International moving and storage
  • Home-finding services
  • School search services


Julia is moving from the UAE, back to her home country of the UK. She needs to buy a house when she returns.

Key relocation services Julia needs:

  • International moving and storage
  • Home-finding services
  • Settling-in advice

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What Should I Keep in Mind When Negotiating My Relocation Package?

Before deciding on the services you need in your relocation package, consider the country you are moving to. What will you not be able to achieve without expert help? You should also research the following:


  • Will you receive a relocation bonus?
  • If so, will this amount be taxed?
  • What is your final budget?

You also need to think carefully about your situation:


  • How much time do you have before you relocate?
  • Do you know the country you are moving to well?
  • Can you speak the local language?
  • What personal belongings you wish to bring along with you?
  • What type of accommodation you are looking for?

If you are unsure about any aspects of you move, a relocation consulting call is a good option. You can speak to an advisor who understands the difficulties you might face and can offer you support in choosing the relocation package that is right for you. This is especially important if you are moving in a tight timeframe. The closer you are to your move date, the more difficult it becomes to organize services without expert help and connections.

What is the Average Cost of a Relocation Package?

For an employee relocation, a basic relocation package with three standard services (e.g., home-finding, visa advisory, and settling-in) costs around 1,500 USD. A premium package, which includes the shipment of belongings, can go up to 4,000 USD. The prices go up the more people you include in your relocation package, and the longer the distance between your current country and your destination.


For 75 EUR (90 USD) you can kick start your relocation by booking a relocation consulting call with InterNations GO! You will speak to one of our expat advisors, who will offer you plenty of insider information about your new destination, then help you understand the services you need and the steps to take to make your international relocation a success. We can later provide you with reliable international moving services, as well as professional visa advice, home-finding abroad services, and settling in support at your destination.

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Why Should I Choose a Relocation Package Over Specific Services from Different Companies?

Managing a relocation without prior experience or local knowledge is demanding. The necessary research takes up a lot of time that many expats do not have, especially if you are moving abroad for work and need to prepare for your new job. When you book using one provider, such as InterNations GO!, you do not have to shop around for each service separately. We only work with trusted professionals, so you do not have the risk of using untested providers. This insider knowledge from relocation professionals significantly reduces the time you spend researching, minimizing stress and saving you time and energy.